Aside from the fact that at least parts of this article sound like they were written by a man posing as a woman - only a man would choose the name "Debby"  - as in "Does Dallas" to act as the "Sex Professor" in a men's magazine.
Here are a few questions from the article I feel do men a great disservice by leading them down some rosey path of bullshit. My comments to each of "Debby's" answers in bold type. And yes, I get a little carried away with the quotation marks durring my outbursts.

Q: Is sex enjoyable for her if she doesn't orgasm?
A: Women, more often than men, report that they find sex to be pleasurable even if they do not orgasm. In addition to the fact that it feels pleasurable to be touched, many women enjoy the intimacy that sex provides, the kissing, touching, closeness, etc.

Will we enjoy sex without orgasm? Yes.
Will we be disappointed? Yes.
Will we expect you to finish what you started even though you're done? Yes.

Q: How can a guy give a woman multiple orgasms?
A: Not all women report ever having had multiple orgasms. In some studies, it seems that less than half of women have reported this. That doesn't mean that they aren't capable of multiple orgasms, but it does mean that we don't know how many are.

For women who want multiple orgasms—and that is key, guys—try to maintain stimulation through the first orgasm so that she can keep going. For women who are neutral about multiples or don't care, don't pressure her (and yes, trying too hard counts as pressure) because pressure and orgasm rarely mix.

Are you fucking kidding me, "Debby?" If any woman could have multiple orgasms, why would she NOT want to?  If she can - she will. I think THAT'S the key guys.

Q: How can a guy tell if he really is her "best ever"?
A: If she tells you that. 

(Not directed at Debby this time but to the douche bag who asked the question.)
How much time are you going to waste worrying that, you retard? Get over yourself.




Someone you've only heard of, by name, and things that have happened to them. But you've never seen him/her in a photo or in person.




1n. $10 worth of marijuana
2n. Anything perfect, usually the looks of a girl. (From rating a ten on a scale of 1-10)
3n. $10,000
4v. To rat someone out.

1. Man, I had to dig through the couch just to scrape togeather enough for a dime bag.

2. Man, that bitch is a dime.

3. Those cops pinched a dime off me when I was in.

4. The cops were all over my house, someone must have dimed me out.




Tomorrow I'll be recieving a FedEx with some new toys inside!
I ordered something familiar and something I've always wanted - something I hope is as fun as I've envisioned it would be.

Can. Not. Wait.
There is something exciting about this image.

Is it becuase she doesn't know exactly what's coming next? Her posture indicates that she's ready for "it" whatever "it" is. She's open to whomever is there watching her sit and she's eager to take them on.

I think it's becuase neither of the people on either side of the blindfold know exactly what's going to happen next - and that's exciting.
Complements of Laura Milne for Men's Health.

I remember the shirt you were wearing when you first said, "I love you." The fact that you don't makes me question whether you meant it.

I loved you long before I told you. Playing the long game is in a woman's DNA. We don't throw a Hail Mary in the first quarter. (And you thought we didn't know football.)

I read your horoscope every day.

Spontaneously kiss my neck from behind, and I might let you stay back there for a while.

Make me laugh and I'm happy. Laugh at yourself and I'm all yours.

A little jealousy is good if (a) no kneecaps are broken and (b) you don't cross-examine me to exhaustion. The right balance shows you care, and it's even flattering.

I don't withhold sex to punish you. Sometimes I just need to be left alone but, at the same time, not left alone. And no, I can't explain that.

Here's how to fix what you're doing wrong in bed: When you go slow, go slower. When you go fast, go faster.
This is a long article, but an entertaining/interesting read. Bookmark it and take your time.
I'm not suggesting any of you (since I don't know you) need to learn anything from this - but think of it like I did.

I read it, reflected on the men I've been with and thought about how I've changed as a woman and a lover since I was young(er). It made me smile.




Leave it to the Japanese to come up with yet another freaky lookin' sex toy.
The video at the bottom isn't hot at all, and gives almost too much information.

And, I'm going to keep giving you Holiday gift ideas as long as you want me too...