Over the weekend I heard someone say:

"Secure people can love. Insecure people can love - but they love with strings attached."

I think that statement is true.

Some of the most high-maintenance relationships I've had in my life have been with insecure people. It took me a long time to recognize high-maintenance relationships. I'm sure it's no surprise to any of you that at the top of the list is my father.

Been taking a little time to think lately. 

This is the hardest AND best  time I've had in my life yet.

So much change.
So much work.
So much opportunity.
So much could go wrong.

And I'm my own worst enemy.
Spent this afternoon shooting zombies with my new gun.
I'm real good at it.
I've never had a relationship with a professional athlete - not sad about that.

But today I pondered the difference between the mental toughness youth and high school coaches and business mentors teach us to use when we dig deep into our souls looking for a win and the mental toughness people rely on to protect themselves from parts of thier own lives that then backfires on them when they try to have a balanced, successful, intimate relationship.

Are they different?