Sometimes I wonder, as I look at statistical data reported by multiple media outlets, if as a society, we have lost the need for monogamy.

As a species, we were never dependant on it. Culturally the constraints were placed upon us by people we don't even know thousands of years before we had to live by them. So, if we don't NEED monogamy, why are the overwhelming majority of us living that way?

Maybe the next evolutionary step for human beings is not physical at all. Maybe our next step is to accept, socially, that all lifestyles are equally valued in society.
I'm writing this in a hurry - so I apologize if it makes no sense at all.)
FACT: We are always evolving.

FACT: We have no idea what we're evolving into.

More on this later.
Just came back from lunch and got this fortune in my cookie at the end.
What kind of fortune is THAT? Is it an ominous warning of something in my future that I may only recognize as the darkest of dark?

Or is it a message from beyond that’s urging me to ponder darkness in some metaphysical way.

Maybe it’s just bad marketing pushed out by a lame Chinese fortune teller.
Lots in this article to think about. I can understand the feelings of both the monogamists and the other groups. But, I think I may be a smidge more open minded than most girls.

But honestly, I don't hink I'm really successful at ANY of the lifestyles Clarisse discribes in this piece.

Maybe I should start my own new lifestyle.
This website/blog platform just isn't doing it for me anymore. I'm looking into options to change to something like Wordpress or Tumblr. Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated.